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Due to COVID-19 the Port Carling Arena has not been re-opened see below for details. 

Over the last few weeks, the executive has been working hard at getting us prepared for returning to the ice. We have been working with our arena manager and Skate Ontario in attempts to prepare ourselves for when the Township of Muskoka Lakes announced the official date of the opening of the arena. Unfortunately, this week at the Town Council Meeting, the councillors decided to defer the topic of opening of the arena until their next meeting in October. 

This was very disappointing news to the executive. We knew that our season couldn't start until after September 28th, 2020 due to a contracted construction assignment in the building. We were hoping that Council would have given approval at this week's meeting for our arena manager and his staff to start putting ice in as early as September 29, 2020 which then would have put us at a mid-October start date.
Sadly, the topic and discussion of opening the arena has been postponed until mid-October.

The executive decided it was time and necessary to speak with the Mayor and our township councillors about our feelings of their decision to table the topic of opening the arena. Due to the sensitivity of all the unknowns and the safety risks of opening up the arena facility during this unprecedented time, we were very thoughtful and understanding in our approach and dialogue with the councillors. 

At this point and time we are waiting to hear if our voices have officially initiated an early meeting to specifically discuss the opening of the arena. If you feel inclined and would like to share your voice with the councillors, please feel free. Please write to your councillors and share your personal feelings about this disappointing news and what it means for you and your family. 

I feel as a club and as a skating organization governed by Skate Ontario, we are ready to safely return to sport. Our practices and some of our routines on and off the ice are going to look very different this coming season, but we are confident our new ways of operating are going to ensure the safety of our skaters, parents and the arena staff.

I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we navigate through all the challenges we are facing, from registration to not having an ice surface to use.

As new information evolves, the executive and I will notify you in a timely fashion.

Kind Regards,
Erika Morrison and the PCSC Executive