Kaitlyn Bell has assisted the PCFSC for the past 2 years as a program assistant and has now become a qualified coach through Skate Canada  We would like to welcome Kaitlyn Bell to the PCFSC coaching team. 


Susan Wilson has a long history with the PCFSC.  Before becoming a coach, Susan was an active

member of the club since its inception in the 70s. She trained amateur coaches and partnered her fellow members of the club from the very beginning. Susan is a certified Skate Canada Coach with technical Level 3 and is available for private lessons on a part time basis at PCFSC. 

MARNEE REID - HEAD COACH - SKATE CANADA LEVEL 2 (Singles & Syncronize Skating)

Head Coach, Marnee Reid has been affiliated with PCFSC for 40 years, beginning as a skater.   She 
has been coaching here for the past 19 years, presently coaching all levels—Canskate, 
Intermediate and Senior plus all 5 Synchro Teams and is available for private lessons.  Marnee is Level 2 Certified, CPC trained in both singles and Synchro and is Northern Ontario’s first Synchronized Skating Technical  Specialist.