Since 1981 Port Carling Skating Club has fostered a strong synchronize skating program.  If you have a skater that has completed Canskate and is or will be enrolled in our Intermediate or  Senior skating programs and they are interested in skating in a "team" environment, then Synchronized skating team is a great option.  

For the 2019 - 2020 skating season we will be offering.

  • Beginner 2
  • Elementary
  • Novice
  • Adult 1
  • Adult 3

The cost of joining the Synchro team is separate from our regular registration.  Along with the synchro registration fee, there is an additional team fee, determined at the beginning of each season, which goes toward competition registration fees and other incidental fees associated with team membership. If your skater is interested in joining a team, please speak to Synchronize Skating coach Marnee Reid - 705  205-1119 or

Note: It is the policy of the Port Carling Figure Skating Club, that members of our youth synchronized skating teams must also be enrolled in a singles program in order to participate in the synchronized skating program.  The singles program does not need to be out of the Port Carling Skating club. This provides all team skaters with valuable opportunities to practice and hone necessary skill development and refinement, and also compliments the limited time that synchronized skaters have for team practices alone.  Skaters who are working on senior silver status in either dance, skills or free skate may be given consideration for an exception to this rule.